10 May 2023

Budget delivers big for Cape York communities

| Matt Nicholls
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Cynthia Lui says more than $44 million has been allocated in the state budget for the Peninsula Developmental Road, including the Archer River bridge.

MEMBER for Cook Cynthia Lui says she is thrilled that Cape York received its fair share in the 2022-23 state budget, delivered last week by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

She said the budget was built on the state’s recovery from COVID-19 and was all about “good jobs, better services and a great lifestyle for all Queenslanders”.

“In this year’s budget we are making record investments in health, education, jobs, renewables, and community services like police, fire and emergency services,” Ms Lui said.

“This budget is delivering for all Queenslanders, so that no matter where we live, we will have access to the best health services and economic opportunities in all communities from Mareeba through to the Torres Strait.

“In the Cook electorate, we are investing over $11 million for school infrastructure projects where we will see more classrooms for Weipa’s Western Cape College and the continuation of upgrades to Aurukun State School’s administration building.

“Over $6 million in Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program funding to protect environmental and cultural heritage values has been allocated to Mapoon, Aurukun, Pormpuraaw, Laura, Wujal Wujal, Shelburne Bay, Archer Point, Melsonby, Olkola, Port Stewart and Normanby.

“I was really pleased the government is supporting the Traditional Owners of Pajinka (at the tip of Cape York) by injecting $2 million into the community.

“This funding will enhance the current site for visitation including a self-sufficient campsite with a car park and a boardwalk.”

“The Peninsula Developmental Road continues to be a priority with over $44 million allocated to progress paving and sealing works.

“I am proud of my budget achievements for Cape York communities because it supports regional growth and development.

“Most importantly, it is about the government’s strong support for the regions.”



l $25m out of $45m spend for Archer River bridge

l $5.1m out of $11.4m spend for PDR sealing of Archer River southern approach.

l $2.2m out of $20.3m spend for PDR sealing between Merluna and York Downs

l $5.8m out of $33m spend for PDR sealing between Musgrave and Red Blanket.

l $6m towards sealing works and drainage for Aurukun Road.

l $7.2m out of $11m spend for Portland Roads access road sealing and drainage works.

l 8.3m out of $13m spend for Jardine Ferry Road bitumen seal and drainage works.

l $2.5m to replace the Coleman River causeway on the Pormpuraaw Road and seal approach.

l $3.8m for sealing works on the Pormpuraaw Road.

l $993,000 for an extension to the Coen Airport’s runway.

l $960,000 out of $1.4m spend to upgrade the boat ramp and add a new pontoon at Ayton.

l $819,000 out of $2.8m spend to rehabilitate the pavement on Charlotte Street in Cooktown.

l $795,300 out of $1.3m spend to replace the bridge at Jensens Crossing in Cooktown.

l $3m for large drainage structure at Claudie River on the Lockhart River Road.


l $412,310 out of $824,620 spend to increase the capacity of the Lockhart River Airport Cabins by constructing two self-contained three-bedroom cabins at the site.

l $250,000 out of a $1m spend to Mapoon Short Stay Accommodation to expand the complex to meet the demand for accommodation options.

l $286,574 out of $998,000 total spend for the Gateway to the Cape tourist information centre and interactive sculpture park.

l $225,000 for the Kowanyama Visitor Camping and Tours to deliver and pilot unique eco-tourism products and culturally significant experiences for the Kowanyama region.

l $100,000 out of $981,748 to the Olkola Cultural Knowledge Centre for delivery of a multi-dimensional, unique tourism product and culturally significant experience for Olkola country.


l $800,000 out of $4.6m spend for Weipa Hospital to rectify non-compliance and redundancy requirements of the chiller and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

l $393,000 out of $507,500 spend for Mapoon health clinic to replace electrical systems at the facility to provide a compliant and safe health facility.

l $150,000 to Bamaga Hospital for rectification works to the condition of employee staff accommodation.

l $315,000 to Wujal Wujal’s health clinic for the supply, installation and certification of electrical works for compliance.


l $2.9m out of $10.9m spend to Western Cape College at Weipa for additional classrooms.

l $2.2m out of $3m to Aurukun State School for administration upgrades.

l $200,000 to Kowanyama State School for facilities renewal.

l $100,000 to Laura State School for the upgrade of the bore and irrigation system.

l $583,000 of $750,000 to Lockhart River State School for the administration block.


l $2m out of a $10m spend for the Lakeland Irrigation Area to complete a detailed business case and approval process, including reference design and environmental assessment report in the Lakeland Irrigation Area.

l $1.3m out of $4m spend for the Northern Peninsula Area water supply system.


l $1.8m out of $7.8m spend to complete the upgrade of the police facility at Aurukun.


l $1.3m to protect environmental and Indigenous cultural heritage values in Aurukun and engage Aurukun youth in school and training to pathways to ranger careers.

l Ranger groups in these communities have also received funding to protect environmental and Indigenous cultural heritage values: Pormpuraaw ($921,200), Laura ($789,600), Wujal Wujal ($658,000), Archer Point ($526,400), Melsonby ($526,400), Olkola ($526,400), Mapoon ($394,800), Port Stewart ($263,200), Normanby Station ($263,200).

Source: Cynthia Lui MP

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