12 September 2023

Cairns to the Cape Great Endeavour Rally breaks fundraising record again

| Chisa Hasegawa
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A white 4WD ute is crossing the red blow up finish line.

2023 Great Endeavour Rally participants crossed the finish line of their 3500km journey to the Cape and back.

Over 150 participants along with support and mechanical vehicles crossed the finish line in Cairns after completing the 2023 Great Endeavour Rally on Sunday (September 10).

This year’s rally broke the fundraising record for the third year in a row with over $761,000 and counting raised.

“We’re up at least 10 participating vehicles this year and fundraising efforts up about $150,000, so engagement was through the roof,” Endeavour Foundation event specialist Nathan Woolhouse said.

Multiple cars of all different colours are lined up on the road waiting to cross the finish line.

Cars lined up to cross the finish line after a record-breaking fundraising year to support people with intellectual disabilities.

With the rally being held in the Cape for the first time in over a decade, Mr Woolhouse said the participants particularly enjoyed all of the sightseeing they were able to do.

“Cape York has so much to offer and I think a lot of them will be returning,” he said.

“Everyone just loved obviously your big ticket items like Fruit Bat Falls, Elliot Falls and the Tip as well.”

Nathan Woolhouse is a man with light brown hair and beard. He is wearing a beige cap, sunglasses and an official 2023 rally polo shirt. He is holding a microphone and is interviewing a man who has pulled up to the finish line in a royal blue vehicle.

Endeavour Foundation event specialist Nathan Woolhouse welcomed each vehicle across the finish line.

This year, two Endeavour Foundation support employees with disabilities participated in the rally as drivers for the first time, which they said was a huge goal achieved.

“It has been a dream for a long time, it’s been on my bucket list to get my own car and drive in the rally,” said Peter Lawson.

Teammate Matt Creswick encouraged others with a disability to give it a go.

“It was an incredible adventure and I recommend anyone with a disability to try and come on the rally, it’s worth the experience whether you drive or not,” he said.

Left to right: Matt Creswick is a man with short brown hair, moustache and beard. He is wearing a blue and black Hawaiian shirt and green and black shorts of a similar botanical pattern. Peter Lawson is a man with short brown hair and glasses. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt with a marine pattern and black shorts. Mark Swift is a man with short brown hair and sunglasses. He is wearing an official Cairns to the Cape Great Endeavour Rally polo shirt and dark grey shorts. They are all smiling at the camera in front of their white, dusted up 4WD.

A dream come true for two first-time rally drivers. Left to right: Matt Creswick, Peter Lawson, Mark Swift.

Endeavour Foundation production team leader Mark Swift, who supported Mr Lawson and Mr Creswick in the vehicle along the way, said he was “really proud of the boys”.

“This is the first year that we’ve had support employees driving and participating in the rally as entrants, so it was an honour to be involved and assisting them in achieving those goals.”

“The boys exceeded my expectations on their abilities, which just goes to show if you give them a go, they can do as much as anyone else,” he said.

Mr Woolhouse said the guys were an important addition to this year’s rally as a reminder to the cause they come together for every year.

“Everyone saw what their fundraising efforts actually do and made them realise that they are really making a difference in people’s lives,” he said.

“I think the guys have had the time of their lives and they’ve got stories to tell for years to come, which is why we do this at the end of the day.”

A rally team dressed in blue and pink smile in front of their blue 4WD with pink accents. Three of them are wearing rooster hats, while has on a rooster costume complete with a pink bikini over the top.

Smiles all around at Cairns’ Fogarty Park after fundraising over $761,000 to support Australians with disabilities.

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