10 October 2023

LETTER: Remote Cape York resident speaks out against AEC

| Cape York Weekly
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Jason Clark, pictured at the Laura airport, is not happy with the AEC.


It’s of my understanding the Australian federal government is holding a referendum on October 14 that is for all Australians to cast a vote.

As an Australian, I find the Australian Electoral Commission’s UNANNOUNCED polling place in Laura on September 28 for three hours an absolute disregard for rural and remote Australians.

As I frequent the Laura General Store, I gather all information on the notice boards or in the Cape York Weekly and 558 4AM radio for upcoming meetings, events and activities in our area.

The AEC had no notice in or on any of the above until one day before arriving to Laura in Edition 153 of the Cape York Weekly newspaper.

Most people in the bush go to town once or twice a month and don’t receive the paper daily as there is no Australia Post delivery service, nor any mobile phone service.

The AEC has proven itself to be racist and unethical by not providing a polling booth in Laura on October 14 as announced by the Prime Minister of Australia.

In my opinion, the AEC and AEC staff are not fit for purpose.

Will Australians in Laura and surrounds be covered or compensated by the AEC or federal government for accidents in making their way to Cooktown and back on October 14?

Will Australians in Laura and surrounds be reimbursed by the AEC or federal government for personal time, fuel, wear and tear and devaluation on vehicles to make way to Cooktown and back on October 14?

Jason Clark is a Cape York Peninsula resident who lives off the grid near Laura

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