18 October 2023

Mobile cardiology service returning to Cooktown

| Chisa Hasegawa
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A big truck with "Heart of Australia" written towards the back and "On the highway to health" towards the front is parked.

The Heart of Australia has been helping the Cooktown community access specialist care since 2019.

Heart of Australia will be returning to serve the Cooktown community once again from October 21-22.

They will be providing sleep consultations, sleep studies, CPAP trials, respiratory function tests, overnight blood pressure monitors and overnight holter monitors.

Since 2014, Heart of Australia has been delivering specialist healthcare services and testing to rural, remote and Indigenous communities across Queensland.

The custom-designed medical clinics-on-wheels have saved patients more than 34 million kilometres of travel and created an accessible pathway to specialist care for communities most at risk for chronic disease.

With just two simple steps, Cooktowners can book an appointment to board the heart truck: see your GP, then wait for a call from the Heart of Australia.

Your GP will send a referral if the heart truck is the right choice for your health concerns, and the Heart of Australia team will contact you with information on location and appointment times.

Referrals are now being accepted, so make an appointment with your GP to see if the Heart of Australia can assist with your concerns.

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