22 January 2024

New social worker to support Cape York women through good and bad

| Chisa Hasegawa
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Skye Wilson

Proud Aboriginal woman and social worker Skye Wilson is supporting women and their families through the TCHHS Maternal Child Health team. Photo: Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service.

From soon-to-be mums to those suffering domestic violence, Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service’s (TCHHS) newest addition is providing culturally safe care to Cape York women.

A proud Aboriginal woman with links to the Kokatha and Wirangu people South Australia, Skye Wilson was appointed as a First Nations social worker in the TCHHS Maternal, Child and Family Health Care team last year.

Based in Cairns and travelling to community, Ms Wilson’s role focuses on areas such as domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse.

“I am there to support women and their families through hard times and connect them to services if they wish,” she said.

“I’m passionate about keeping my people healthy and strong and empowering us.”

Having grown up in Adelaide, the social worker said she saw firsthand how the effects of drug and alcohol abuse could affect families.

“For me, if I can be a mentor and show people there is more out there for them, that is something I really enjoy,” Ms Wilson said.

She will also be able to support pregnant women and news mum if they travel to Cairns to give birth.

“I am also there to advocate for them as well as these women are already vulnerable being away from the community,” she said.

The TCHHS established the Maternity, Child and Family Health Care team last year to deliver comprehensive visiting outreach services to communities across Cape York in collaboration with existing services.

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