10 May 2023

Politics plagues major Cape York housing announcement

| Matt Nicholls
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Member for Cook Cynthia Lui and Hope Vale mayor Jason Woibo.

IT’S great news for Cape York communities, but last week’s multi-million dollar housing announcement has a bitter taste to it after politics came into play.

Both the state and federal governments have been playing games with the lives of remote Queensland residents when it comes to housing and Friday’s announcement was no different.

Member for Cook Cynthia Lui was happy to take the credit for the state government’s announcement to build more than 60 homes, plus extensions and subdivisions, in Cape York and Torres Strait communities.

But the release did not give credit to where the funding came from. It mentioned $105 million from a Forward Capital Program but did not say that it was a Commonwealth initiative.

Understandably, federal MP Warren Entsch, who also wants the credit ahead of an election contest, was peeved.

“That money was released to the state government last year,” he said.

“Why is that announcement being made now?”

Both the federal LNP and state Labor governments have had a headstrong approach to the housing situation, refusing to work side-by-side to address overcrowding problems.

It’s in complete contrast to the Peninsula Developmental Road upgrades, which have been a joint project between the state and federal governments.

The Commonwealth funds most of the works, while the state chips in and manages the sealing of the road.

Ms Lui’s office did not respond when asked about the origins of the housing, but in a media release she said all the funds would go to local councils.

“What is pleasing is that the councils will project manage these works,” she said.

“The additional housing will help alleviate overcrowding and provide employment opportunities in our communities.”


Aurukun: $7.18 million to develop a 12 to 15-lot subdivision and construct up to eight new 2 and 3 bedroom social housing homes.

Hope Vale: $3.64 million to construct up to three new 4 and 5 bedroom social housing homes; up to five new 2 and 3 bedroom social housing studio flats; and complete extensions on four existing social housing homes.

Kowanyama: $4.52 million to develop four new allotments and construct up to four new 1, 2 or 3 bedroom social housing homes on the lots.

Mapoon: $2.35 million to construct up to five new 2, 3 and 4 bedroom social housing homes.

Napranum: $3.78 million to construct up to five new 3 and 4 bedroom social housing homes.

Northern Peninsula Area:$8.38 million to construct up to 15 new 3-bedroom social housing homes.

Wujal Wujal: $2.35 million to prepare one site to construct three new 2 bedroom social housing townhouses, and develop a new nine-lot subdivision for future social housing.

Torres Strait: $14.42 million to construct up to five new 3 and 4 bedroom social housing homes; and complete bedroom extensions to 16 existing social housing homes; and construct two new 3 bedroom social housing duplexes.

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