12 December 2023

Premier's resignation welcomed by Cape York leaders

| Matt Nicholls
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This was Annastacia Palaszczuk’s first trip to Cape York as Premier. She’s pictured with the late Billy Gordon, the then Member for Cook, and Napranum leaders at the official opening of the Napranum supermarket in July 2015.

Cape York’s leaders are hoping a new Premier will reignite energy into key issues facing the region following the resignation of long-time Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“I don’t want to be too negative but if you look at the Cape, housing and the cost of living are two things that have gotten out of control,” said Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch.

“The inaction is a bloody disgrace. I’m hoping her friend from Cook (Cynthia Lui) follows her lead.”

Mr Entsch said the Premier had “been left wanting as a leader”.

“Particularly in the last couple of years she has been profoundly disappointing,” the LNP MP said.

One Cape York mayor, who didn’t want to give their views on the record, said Ms Palaszczuk would not be missed by those in their community.

“She hasn’t done anything for us and every time we’ve asked for something we’ve been knocked back or ignored,” they said.

“We can’t even get Cynthia to turn up so what hope do we have to get the Premier to listen?”

Cook Shire mayor Peter Scott was more diplomatic about Ms Palaszczuk’s departure.

“She’s obviously decided it’s time to go after a considerable time as the Premier,” he said.

“Cook Shire thanks her for her passion for Queensland and for her assistance for the regions.

“I wish her all the best.”

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Ms Palaszczuk reflected briefly on her time in the chair.

“When I led this party from an opposition of seven members, I said that the first election would be like climbing Mount Everest. I went on to climb that mountain twice more.

“I don’t need to do it again.

“I will finish at the end of this week as Premier and the next premier of Queensland is for caucus to decide on Friday, giving MPs time to come back” she said.

“And soon, the people of Queensland will have their say.

“But now is the time for me to find out what else life has to offer.”

Ms Palaszczuk said it had been “a great honour to be the leader of this party”.

“But I’ve done nearly nine years as Premier, three years before that as leader of the opposition.”

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