9 April 2024

Rossville pup comes home to Cape York

| Chisa Hasegawa
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Rocky was born in Cairns when his pregnant mum was surrendered from Rossville, but fate brought him back to the Cape. Photo: Supplied.

Fate has brought a puppy conceived in Rossville back home to Cape York after being born in Cairns when its mother was surrendered due to Tropical Cyclone Jasper flooding.

It was love at first sight for Cooktown resident Melissa Griffiths, who had been looking for a dog with her partner when they found Rocky.

Being a former Rossville resident, she knew it was a sign when she was told Rocky had been born from a dog originally from her former home.

“I was going to look at a few different dog places that weekend in Cairns, but I ended up choosing at the first place I went to,” Ms Griffiths said.

“I think because I knew he was from Rossville, that made it more special to me, and I was like ‘I’m definitely meant to get this one, because I have that connection with Rossville’.

“It’s weird how it worked out, of all the places a puppy could come from.”

Ms Griffiths took to Facebook to try and connect with the former owner of the mother that was pregnant with the pups at the time.

“Pretty much straight away, I got a message from a young lady who said she was the one that gave her up,” she said.

“It was actually someone I knew from years ago, when she was in primary school and I worked at the Rossville school.

“She thought it was awesome and was glad he’s going to a good home.”

Rocky is settling into his new home well and Ms Griffiths said he seemed happy to be back on Cape York.

“He could’ve ended up anywhere,” Ms Griffiths said.

“He’s very chilled and he’s happy to just follow us around.

“He’s also pretty clever; he’s already sitting when we tell him and [when] we were throwing a stick to him, he was actually fetching, so I thought that was quite good for his age, because he’s only 10 weeks old.”

Ms Griffiths said she would love to catch up with Rocky’s mum’s former owner soon and show her how the puppy was doing.

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