10 May 2023

We need more of Royston in our lives

| Matt Nicholls
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A SEVERE case of Royston fever has swept across Cape York and experts are expecting it to peak on Sunday night.

It’s so contagious that people who normally wouldn’t be caught dead watching reality TV have been swept up in the Royston wave.

And you can see why.

Not only is this boy from Mapoon a terrific talent, but he’s got all the qualities you want to see in a person.

As someone who has been covering his performances for almost a decade, I’m lucky to have seen him evolve as both a singer and a human.

I still remember the first time I heard Royston sing – the talent was raw and filled with emotion.

He continued to grow and grow, too.

Royston Sagigi-Baira with fellow Western Cape College student Carli Addison.

Royston was a shy student, at least when yarning to me, but always polite and appreciative.

I haven’t watched every minute of his Idol campaign but what you see on TV is the real deal.

Since he’s been on this Australian Idoljourney, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to him directly from Sydney a handful of times.

Without fail, he’s always been gracious and appreciative of the coverage we have given him.

Further, he’s always asked me to thank those in the Cape who have supported him and voted for him.

For those who know Royston’s back story, it would have been easy for him to take a different path.

Life hasn’t always been easy for this Mapoon kid.

Importantly, he’s had some great people in his life – most of them strong female role models – and it shows in the man he’s become today.

Royston has become a fan favourite across the country.

Now he’s the role model.

Royston is showing kids today that you can achieve your dreams if you are from a remote community.

He’s also teaching them that being gay is OK and that while there are hurdles in life, they can be overcome.

Regardless of Sunday night’s result, Royston is a winner.

But that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels.

I encourage everyone to vote for Royston – as many times as you can afford – and lift this beautiful spirit into first place.

We need more of Royston in our lives.

To help Royston win Australian Idol, SMS Royston to 0457 500 700.

Royston’s brother Richard and the whole of Mapoon is behind the Idol star.

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