10 May 2023

Cape York ambos call on locals to brush up on CPR

| Matt Nicholls
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Queensland Ambulance Service field officer Mark Ward and Weipa officer in charge Ben West want all residents to know CPR to help save lives.

DO you know how to perform CPR in an emergency? Or how long has it been since you learnt how to do it?

Cape York ambulance officers are encouraging residents in the region to either learn the life-saving measure or brush up on their skills.

Mark Ward, a Weipa-based field officer for the Cape, said there were recent local examples when CPR had been used and help avoid a tragedy.

“It’s something everyone should know because it can make such a big difference,” he told Cape York Weekly.

“Performing CPR also buys a lot of time when an ambulance is on the way.”

Mr Ward said parents should learn CPR, especially when their children start to swim.

“Drowning is a risk for small children. Organise who is responsible for supervision and make sure they are being watched at all times,” he said.

“Small children often make no sound at all when having difficulty swimming, and can be in serious trouble within a matter of seconds.

“Early intervention of first aid after a near-drowning incident can be the difference between life and death.

“Pools can be just as dangerous as swimming in creeks, dams and beaches – always remain vigilant no matter the body of water.”

Mr Ward and the QAS staff in locations around the Cape are able to train locals in CPR if they register online via the Queensland Ambulance website.

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