10 May 2023

Cattle station opens its doors to raise awareness

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By EMMA JACKSON, Wolverton Station

DO you have a television? How do you receive your mail? How do you get medical help in an emergency? How do you get your fresh food? Do your children go to school?

These are some questions we get asked. You might be faced with similar questions from your family and friends who live in the city.

Life in the city, or even in a small town is quite different to living on a property and out here on Wolverton Station, we need to have some skills and knowledge across everything.

We also need to know who to call when we are in need.

In schools, some curriculum covers agriculture.

Is it written by farmers, horticulturalists or graziers? Do the writers have first-hand experience of this life? Maybe.

Media cleverly captures moments, incidents and covers campaigns which helps build your understanding of this world. To truly understand, it’s important to “feel” and the most successful way for this to happen is to come and experience a taster day.

Wolverton Station has been with the Jacksons for more than 50 years with Bill Jackson building the first fence in the 1960s to begin the journey of creating a cattle station, which is one of the last remaining cattle properties in far north Cape York.

The place has history and meaning which is why we have decided to open our gates to you.

We are inviting you to our family fun day so you and your children can experience a taste of what we do.

The day will include a tour of the homestead including seeing the famous gunyah built in 1967 by hand.

John Williamson wrote a song about it which is made from corrugated iron and stringy bark.

We will introduce you to our daily routine, the animals and spoil you with some Wolverton beef.

You are invited to enjoy a swim, relax and hear stories about what we do and how we live.

Of course, we will make sure there’s fun for the younger ones whilst you kick back and enjoy what we enjoy – openness, peace and nature.

We ask you to bring your curious mind, open heart and contribute $30 towards the food and drinks as we intend to look after you well.

Any kiddies are free. You are very welcome to find a spot to camp, too.

We hope to see you on April 23, from 10am until 4pm but it doesn’t matter what time you arrive.

Should the rain come then we will shift this unique day to May.

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