21 May 2024

Cook Shire community saves date to support Nathalie

| Chisa Hasegawa
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Roberts family

A sudden breast cancer diagnosis for mum Nathalie has been mentally and financially draining for the Roberts family. Photo: Facebook.

The Cook Shire community is being asked to rally around one of their own as she continues to brave the fight against stage four breast cancer.

Nathalie Roberts was diagnosed late last year and is currently on her third round of chemotherapy.

For the first two rounds, she and her family, including three young children, have had to travel to Cairns for three months at a time to receive aggressive treatment.

With the financial strain only getting tougher each time, family friend Melinda Parker organised a fundraiser event for the community to get behind Nathalie and her family.

“It’s really taking a toll on them financially, so the aim is to relieve some of the pressure they’re experiencing,” Ms Parker said.

Tickets are now on sale for the 1 June event, which will feature a major item auction, monster raffle, food and drinks, and entertainment for the whole family.

“Everyone’s welcome, we want people from everywhere – people from Coen, Laura, Hope Vale, Wujal Wujal, the entire Shire,” Ms Parker said.

“We’re hoping most people will book tickets so we can adequately cater, but they can purchase tickets on the night as well if they don’t get around to it.”

David Roberts, Nathalie’s husband, said they were overwhelmed by the support from Ms Parker and the community.

“[Melinda] is one of our best friends and this girl has got so much on her plate; she’s a councillor, she’s a solicitor, and still has found time to organise this,” he said.

“All the other ladies in town have gotten behind it; they’ve all got full-time jobs and families, and still found the time to support us.”

With the constant back and forth travel taking its toll mentally and financially, Mr Roberts said they had considered moving to Cairns but couldn’t give up the supportive community they were a part of.

“We weighed up the odds of leaving town to be closer to resources, but when we saw how Cooktown reacted, we couldn’t,” he said.

“We’d lose all the support that’s probably going to heal her better than any medicine at the end of the day.”

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards covering out-of-pocket costs included in travelling for treatment.

Mr Roberts said the financial support from the community has helped Nathalie live her life to the fullest.

“Nathalie’s long-term dreams that would take a few years of hard work, we’ve had to short cut and bring in a few treats now,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re not ready yet, because cancer is not waiting until we’re ready; we have to be ready now.

“That’s another thing of community support that’s been great, they say ‘we don’t care what you spend the money on, live life now’.”

Tickets for Nathalie’s fundraiser is available now on Eventbrite.

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