26 December 2023

Cooktown Golf Club hit hard by flooding

| Matt Nicholls
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The Cooktown Golf Club has challenges ahead for players and members following Cyclone Jasper and the rain depression that followed.

During a “good” wet season we expect, and welcome, ground water as it rises through the sand to fill in our water hazards.

Occasionally it creeps onto other areas of the course, but not often, and not for long.

After the rain subsided this week, the club has found that not only has the recent rain filled our water hazards, it has risen so much that it has completely covered our fourth green.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, we have water on the access track to the 4th and 13th tees and from these tees to the fairway beyond.

The club is concerned that the grass on the green will not survive and will need to be totally replaced.

An unforeseen blow for a small, volunteer-run, golf course.

Our options for remediation are limited until the water subsides, which may take weeks or months.

Until that time, we will have to “go the long way” round and probably use temporary tees for the 4th and 13th holes.

We are lucky that we will be able to use the 2nd green in place of the 4th.

Access is also limited to the eighth tee as the timber bridge that was there has become unserviceable now that area has also filled with water.

So playing the 8th hole will also necessitate a long drive to get around the water or a wet walk through the water.

The wind damage to the course pales into insignificance compared to the challenges ahead from the ground water being so deep.

The club encourages members and visitors to keep using the course as we will certainly need your patronage in the months ahead.

Alice Burton, secretary, Cooktown Golf Club

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