10 May 2023

Cyclist hits halfway mark

| Sarah Martin
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COOKTOWN nurse Dale Tan has pushed through days of rain, extreme heat and a bout of gastro as he attempts the 5500km, unsupported Indian Pacific Wheelrace from Fremantle to Sydney.

On Monday, Tan was 16 days into the race, which he hopes to complete in under 29 days.

“Last time I did it in 29 days; this time I’m looking to do it in 25 or less,” he said.

Sleeping in a tiny tent wherever he can find shelter, getting up at 2am and averaging a leg-burning 200-plus kilometres a day, Tan is pushing himself to raise funds for his fellow healthcare workers.

“I ride for the damaged and burnt-out healthcare workers in Australia and the rest of the world,” he said.

“These selfless people give so much; it’s not an easy job and mental health support, research and education is of paramount importance. Blackdog Institute is quite active in that space and I’d like to contribute just a little bit to that.”

Tan has crossed into South Australia, and is heading for the NSW border, buoyed by a surprise coffee, Nutella pancakes and Easter eggs provided roadside by keen race followers.

Readers can follow Mr Tan and his fellow Indian Pacific Wheel Race riders progress at ipwr23.maprogress.com

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