10 May 2023

Dog-loving croc removed from river

| Matt Nicholls
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A LARGE male croc has been removed from the Endeavour River at Cooktown after it developed a taste for local dogs.

Wildlife officers from the Department of Environment and Science captured and removed the 4.3-metre estuarine crocodile on February 5.

It was a week after they got a report of a large croc acting aggressively towards residents.

It had also recently taken at least two dogs from the area.

Wildlife officers declared it was a problem crocodile due to its size, location and behaviour.

It was captured in a baited trap and then transported to a DES holding facility in Cairns.

The croc had sustained multiple injuries and wildlife officers believe these were caused by territorial disputes with other male crocodiles. It was missing both its front right foot and the end of its tail.

The department said the croc may need veterinary treatment.

Due to its large size, the crocodile must be dealt with as an ‘iconic crocodile’ under Queensland’s conservation laws.

This means the decision on where the crocodile will be placed and housed must be made in consultation with the relevant Traditional Owners.

It also means that the animal may only be placed with a registered crocodile farm or zoo which agrees to use it for educational purposes about crocodile conservation and their ecology.

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