19 October 2023

Hydrogen technology tipped to save Cape drivers thousands

| Sarah Martin
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Cooktown Tyrepower manager Nayana Ranasinghe with one of the company’s trucks that has been fitted with a Senza Hydrogen unit.

Cape residents could slash fuel bills by 15 per cent with new Chinese technology now being fitted to vehicles in Cooktown.

Senza Hydrogen Australia’s sales director Geoff Eberhard is a regular visitor to Cooktown and said people travelling long distances across the Cape would benefit from the technology.

“Hydrogen is the next generation fuel and this system allows people in remote areas to help achieve government targets in reducing fuel consumption and minimising vehicle emissions,” Mr Eberhard said.

“When I first came across the systems, I could see the immense advantage for consumers in remote areas where fuel costs are often higher and they’re travelling long distances.

“The systems can be fitted to basically any motor – four-wheel drive, petrol or diesel, earthmoving and marine.”

The Chinese technology uses a hydroliser to convert distilled water into hydrogen, which mixes with fuel and the resulting combustion reduces petrol and diesel use by up to 15 per cent, enhancing engine performance and reducing emissions.

Mr Eberhard said with no moving parts and minimum maintenance, the systems often paid for themselves within a year.

“We customise the product with the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics and that maximises fuel reduction,” he said.

“The units generally give a return on investment of between six to 12 months, depending on the vehicle mileage.”

Cooktown Tyrepower managing director Greg Whittaker is installing the systems at his Cooktown mechanic workshop, and said they were currently being tested on several of his vehicles.

“We’re putting them on two of our tow trucks, so when people come to enquire, we’ll know exactly how good they are,” Mr Whittaker said.

“A local freight company is looking at putting one into one of their trucks as well, so we’ll soon have a lot of local data to give to people.

“If we can save 15 per cent on our fuel, that’s going to add up a lot, as our fuel is currently costing the business about $12,000 per month.

“The way fuel prices are going, 15 per cent off that is a lot of savings over a year.”

For more information, visit https://senzahydrogen.com/australian-distributor.html or visit Cooktown Tyrepower.

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