4 September 2023

Insight into artificial intelligence at Cooktown workshops

| Sarah Martin
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CURIOUS locals will have a chance to learn more about what many are calling the defining technology of our generation – artificial intelligence or AI – at several presentations planned in Cooktown next week.

The Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and Country Universities Centre Cape York have collaborated to bring experts from James Cook University for the three sessions.

Chamber secretary Will Peck said artificial intelligence had a myriad of uses for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

“It will affect everything and in many ways we might see AI being used more in a regional town than a larger city,” he said.

“The amount of work being done in AI and facial diagnostic work is really interesting, in the near future you might not need to fly down to Cairns for some things, you will be able to have things diagnosed from a screen here.

“From a business point of view, AI is already being used in agriculture to predict watering and planting times, in genetics and data analysis for crops and animals.

“I think that’s the message, be curious because like it or not, AI will affect all of us and for the most part for the better.”

Mr Peck said AI could be used by businesses to manage and order stock, for data analysis, fisheries sustainability management, for research and writing and a host of other uses.

“But this is only the beginning, the more people jump on board the more we will see opportunities,” he said.

“AI is something we can all benefit from, we want people to be inquisitive and learn about how it might affect us and how we can utilise it to our advantage.”

There is a student and school leavers’ session at the Country Universities Centre at 3.15pm on Wednesday 13 September, followed by a presentation with refreshments at the PCYC from 5.515pm, and a business discovery session at the uni centre at 9.30am on Thursday 14 September.

For more information or to book a spot, phone or text Mr Peck on 0450 308 995 or Jenni James from Country Universities Centre Cape York on 0499 202 249.

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