16 April 2024

No need for Weipa station to go 24/7: QPS

| Lyndon Keane
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The Queensland Police Service says it has “sufficient staff and resources to deliver professional policing services” across Cape York, adding it has no plans to make the Weipa police station a 24/7 operation. Photo: Cape York Weekly.

Despite calls from some parts of the Weipa community for the township’s police station to operate 24/7, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) says it currently has “sufficient staff and resources” in place.

The renewed focus on whether the Weipa police station should operate around the clock comes on the back of the recent spate of vehicle thefts and property crimes allegedly carried out by mostly youth offenders.

One Weipa business owner, who spoke to Cape York Weekly on the condition of anonymity, said they were concerned a lot of the crimes currently plaguing the township were occurring after midnight.

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“Our police are doing an amazing job with the manpower and resources they have, but there has to be a twenty-four seven presence in town, certainly now with everything happening,” they said.

“Everyone knows someone who’s been impacted by youth crime in town recently, and it’s common knowledge the police finish at midnight, which seems to be when the kids are coming out.

“Other police stations in the Cape are manned every hour of the day, and they have smaller populations than us; if we had police operating twenty-four seven, I can’t see how it wouldn’t make a good impact on the crime we’re experiencing at the moment.”

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A QPS spokesperson said there was no plan to operate 24/7 in Weipa, adding the rostering demand for officers was regularly reviewed.

“The QPS has sufficient staff and resources to deliver professional policing services to all Cape York residents and visitors, including local businesses operators,” they said.

“The service regularly reviews population growth, crime trends and service delivery requirements to ensure a fair and equitable policing service is provided throughout the state.

“The rostering to demand at Weipa Station is regularly reviewed and, where necessary, adjusted to appropriately respond to any changes in demand.”

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