10 May 2023

Shopping centre canned for ‘disgraceful’ car park

| Matt Nicholls
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POT holes and cracks litter the surface and pictures from above highlight the dozens of patch-up jobs made over the years.

With the tourist season fast approaching, Weipa locals say they are fed up with the quality of the car park at the Heritage Shopping Centre, which houses the town’s only supermarket.

“Do a story on that would you,” said one reader, remarking on the loud bang one car made as the driver misjudged the size of a pot hole.

“How much money gets spent at this place every week only for it to look like this?

“It’s disgraceful.”

Last year, Cape York Weekly wrote about abandoned cars in the township and highlighted this green sedan, which still sits idle in the car park of the Heritage Shopping Centre.

Rio Tinto and Weipa Town Authority can’t remove the vehicle as it is on private property.

Instead, it is parked near the entrance to the centre.

“Imagine coming to Weipa for the first time and seeing some of the stuff we throw up,” a reader said.

“You fly into this open-air terminal with a tin roof, then you get out of the airport and there is water gushing down the gutters because another leak has emerged.

“Then you drive to Evans Landing and the most beautiful block of land has a dog pound on it – not to mention the state of the intersection there.

“When you finally get to the main business centre you have this crappy car park with that green car still sitting there gathering dust.

“It’ll be heritage-listed soon.”

Cape York Weekly contacted the Heritage Shopping Centre for comment but did not receive a response.

Weipa Town Authority chair Michael Rowland said he hoped it would be moved by the owners.

“We don’t have the power to remove it but we’ll happily let them know about the process, which is fairly simple.”

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