10 May 2023

Spaceport proposal has backing of local industry

| Cape York Weekly
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BUILDING a spaceport near Weipa would help secure the town’s future, the president of the Western Cape Chamber of Commerce says.

Vance Wallin said the concept of a spaceport aligned with the chamber’s strategic plan.

“We need to secure the future of Weipa outside of mining,” he said.

“That is something that has always been on the chamber’s radar and in our strategic plans.

“Without having a committee meeting to discuss the spaceport idea I can’t endorse it, especially as there isn’t a proposal on the table, but the concept appears to be attractive.”

Mr Wallin said Weipa’s future was strong as it boasted a number of key assets.

“We have a good airport, a deep water port, a strong history and a reliable tourism season,” he said.

“The mines aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, but they won’t be here forever.

“A spaceport would bring a lot of support jobs to the town and utilise some of the companies we have here already.”


FOLLOWING the exclusive in Cape York Weekly, an Australian company has revealed its plans for the region.

A site at Weipa is part of a proposal by CosmoVision Global Corporation, which hopes to secure approval to start building a “technology park” next year.

AAP reported the site will be used to launch rockets weighing more than 400 tonnes and powered by non-toxic fuel, according to corporation boss Ilya Osadchuk.

“We can hopefully meet the mandatory requirements for obtaining our licence to set up and operate our spaceport and launch facility in Cape York,” Mr Osadchuk said a statement.

The proposal is yet to get a green light from state or federal governments or Traditional Owners, or pass essential environmental requirements.

Despite the many necessary approvals, the corporation said it has already secured “international launch vehicles” and has global investors lined up. The operation plans to launch satellites for commercial telecommunications among other uses.

It’s not the only space proposal on the cards for Queensland with the LNP revealing plans for a $15 million rocket launch pad at Abbot Point if victorious at the October 31 election.

Gilmour Space Technologies would be the anchor tenant of the government-owned facility, and the firm already has contracts with customers who need to launch in an easterly direction.

Last month, a 3.4-metre rocket became Australia’s first commercial launch to the edge of space, from South Australia.

According to AAP, the federal government is investing $7 billion in growing Australia’s space capabilities over the next decade.

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