10 June 2024

Stecko, Lyon hook Weipa Fishing Classic crowns for 2024

| Lyndon Keane
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Overall junior and senior winners of the 2024 Weipa Fishing Classic Chastyn Lyon and Jess Stecko show off their trophies on stage at Andoom Oval on Sunday night. Photo: Lyndon Keane.

With more than 10,000 people through the gates over three nights, $260,000 in prizes won and plenty of bumper fish landed and bragged about, the 2024 Weipa Fishing Classic (WFC) has been hailed a success.

Whether it was the fishing, diverse range of competitions or social element, this year’s event had something for everyone, especially Ayla Gunn, who won the major ticket prize just hours before departing Weipa on a family holiday.

As one of two remaining top-30 ticket holders on stage, Ms Gunn was guaranteed of winning one of the three boats on offer, but admitted she didn’t realise she had scored the $72,000 Carbine 553 centre console.

“I wasn’t really paying attention, because my daughter’s been running everywhere on stage,” she laughed as she inspected her prize.

“We’re actually heading off at 2am for a family holiday around Queensland; this is just so great.”

Ayla Gunn and daughter Mackenzie Hall are all smiles after winning the major ticket prize – a $72,000 centre console boat – for the 2024 Weipa Fishing Classic. Photo: Lyndon Keane.

Consistency from Jess Stecko and Chastyn Lyon secured them the 2024 senior and junior overall fishing champion trophies and a swag of great prizes.

WFC president Lisa Lui thanked the Weipa community for turning out in force for the event.

“We’re really lucky the community supports us, and continues to support us and attend the event,” she said.

“It is a real community event; its free entry …. [and] everyone just comes in.

“They’ve got their chairs out; they’ll bring it out on the first night and it stays there, and no one touches their stuff and that’s just the sort of community event it is.”

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With the event gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, Ms Lui praised her committee and said there would only be a few months’ reprieve before planning for 2025 commenced.

“We’ll reconvene in November,” she said.

“It’s huge, and it’s the committee as a whole.

“Next year is our 25th anniversary, so it’s going to be much bigger.”

2024 Weipa Fishing Classic results

Overall champion: Jess Stecko

1st: Casey Lyon (101cm)

2nd: Jaime Gane (98.3cm)
3rd: Gregori Dorante (91.2cm)

1st: Jess Stecko (87cm)
2nd: Dave Bergmansons (83.5cm)
3rd: Trent Gordon (83.2cm)

1st: Andrew Aldis (96cm)
2nd: Hayden Moss (92.2cm)
3rd: Chelsea Williams (91cm)

King salmon
1st: Krystal Schulz (5.84kg)
2nd: Brendan Hober (5.71kg)
3rd: Steve Wust (5.11kg)

1st: Clinton Riches (4.91kg)
2nd: John Hofmeister (3.46kg)
3rd: Liam Parr (3.24kg)

1st: Scott Tass (15.85kg)
2nd: Grayson Poole-McCann (14.23kg)
3rd: Ethan Wyatt (12.16kg)

1st: Mark Pollard (2.19kg)
2nd: Jaydene Goron-Cook (2.09kg)
3rd: Matt Nolan (1.90kg)

Coral trout
1st: Remo Mazzocato (2.66kg)
2nd: Dale Santarossa (2.48g)
3rd: Edward Shepherd (2.39kg)

1st: Chris Emerick (11.46kg)
2nd: Kaidyn Williams (9.33kg)
3rd: Zach Stewart (9.17kg)

1st: Greg Parr (4.16kg)
2nd: Steven Lugsdin (4.15kg)
3rd: Damian Parr (4kg)

Red emperor
1st: Trevor Head (4.53kg)
2nd: Daniella Rabbit (4.18kg)
3rd: Tyler Malimonenko (3.54kg)

1st: Rob Monoghan (4.56kg)
2nd: Jess Stecko (4.48kg)
3rd: Marita Stecko (4.45kg)

1st: Luke Galea (2 caught)

Overall champion: Chastyn Lyon

1st: Chastyn Lyon (85cm)
2nd: Austen Newsome (83.5cm)
3rd: Layla Egan (80cm)

1st: Owen Brooks (87.5cm)
2nd: Sonny Brooks (85.5cm)
3rd: Owen Brooks (72cm)

King salmon
1st: Fyn Gorman (4.87kg)
2nd: Chastyn Lyon (4.44kg)
3rd: Karissa Payne (3.65kg)

Blue salmon
1st: Slayde de Tournouer (3.01kg)
2nd: Chastyn Lyon (2.58kg)
3rd: Karissa Payne (2.51kg)

1st: Alex Paxton (0.74kg)
2nd: Sonny Brooks (0.71kg)
3rd: Beau Schleich (0.69kg)

1st: Hayden O’Day (1.32kg)
2nd: Owen Brooks (0.88kg)

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