14 November 2023

Mapoon man facing jail after beating police he called for help

| Sarah Martin
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A Mapoon man has been charged after allegedly turning on police who he called for help. Photo: Matt Gush.

Two Weipa officers have been left with serious injuries after a man who called police for help allegedly turned on them in a savage attack at Mapoon.

Weipa Police officer in charge senior sergeant Warren Flegg said the male and female officer were called to a Mapoon home by the man, who wanted help removing his belongings from his brother’s house after a domestic.

“The officers were helping him relocate, moving his personal belongings in the police vehicle,” Snr Sgt Flegg said.

Snr Sgt Flegg said the man became agitated after arguing with his brother, and began throwing things around inside the house.

“Police tried to calm him down, he’s made threats and then lunged unprovoked at the male office and struck him on the face,” he said.

“He then turned to the female officer and struck her twice, at which point the male has come to her assistance and restrained him.”

Snr Sgt Flegg said even while restrained, the man managed to lash out again, allegedly hitting the female officer on the nose.

“It happened so fast, in a matter of seconds from the time he assaulted them to the time they had him under restraint.

“Throughout (the whole incident) both officers were bleeding, and were treated initially at the Mapoon clinic.”

Snr Sgt Flegg said both officers had severe swelling and bruising and the male officer needed further examinations in Cairns.

“We’re appalled by this, police were actively assisting someone in their time of need and they’ve struck out,” he said.

“And this doesn’t just affect the two officers, it also affects the community as we are now two officers down.”

A 26-year-old Mapoon man has been charged with three counts of serious assault of police occasioning actual bodily harm and has been remanded in custody in Cairns.

“I’ve reviewed the body-worn footage and it’s quite confronting and disturbing that someone’s attitude can change so quickly to take it out on police who were there helping at their request,” Snr Sgt Flegg said.

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