10 May 2023

Napranum on edge after a spate of dog attacks

| Matt Nicholls
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A SERIES of vicious dog attacks in Napranum is creating fear and tension in the community, with pressure mounting on the local council to take action.

At least four people have been hospitalised from dog bite wounds this month, with blame pointed at one particular canine.

One woman was left for dead in the street with severe head injuries as a result of a dog attack.

She was lucky to be found by a local security officer and was rushed to hospital before being sent to Cairns for surgery.

Locals have complained to Cape York Weekly about the response of Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council, which says it has been in contact with the owner of the dog responsible.

“I have been advised that there have been four dog attacks in Napranum in the last couple of weeks,” council CEO Janelle Menzies said.

“I have been able to investigate one attack. For the others, I have not had any information forwarded to me.

“For the one attack we have investigated, we have issued the owner with a Proposed Regulated Dog Declaration Notice under Section 90 of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, giving him until November 21 to respond.

“He advised me that he was removing the dog responsible for the attack the day of the attack we investigated.

“He would not surrender the dog. He returned to the community on the day of the third attack with the dog.

“I was not aware of this and only became aware of it after the fourth attack. He again has removed the dog from the Community.”

Ms Menzies said the owner of the dog had threatened her and the council’s animal control staff “if we touch the dogs”.

“His brother also threatened staff at their workplace and they have been on stress leave for three weeks,” the CEO said.

“We have also issued him with an excess dog compliance notice under our Local Laws.

“This has been an extremely frustrating experience with no or limited support from the calls for help to assist us with this matter.

“My condolences to the families affected.”

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