10 May 2023

Oliver to fight old rival in Mackay bout

| Sarah Martin
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WHEN Cooktown muaythai fighter Oliver Hanson takes on Jye Van Polen in Mackay this weekend he plans to finish an epic five-match, six-year battle history with a resounding win.

The pair have been going toe to toe under muaythai rules since the age of 11, with Oliver losing the last bout more than three years ago.

Full Boar Gym coach Vince Parkes said this match would be different, with both boys now older, stronger and more experienced.

“I’m pretty sure Oliver will hit harder than Jye, but Jye is fast, he’s lighter and his hands are really, really quick,” he said.

Oliver is going in as the underdog, taking the fight on just 10 days’ notice and forced to undertake a gruelling training regime to try and bring his fitness up to scratch.

“We’ve had to train smarter, not harder, trying not to fatigue him too much for work and training the next day,” Parkes said.

“The heat has been making it hard, trying to keep his hydration up. But each day he has been going half an hour longer or another round on the pads longer.”

Oliver will also be stepping into unfamiliar rules, with the bout his first time fighting under kickboxing rules, meaning he can throw punches, kicks and knees, but isn’t allowed to grapple or use his razor-sharp elbow strikes.

However, Parkes wasn’t phased, and said fighting under different rules would be a great experience for his young charge.

“We’re working on lots of body shots, hand combinations and a lot more ring craft,” he said.

“Having kickboxing experience will be just another string to his bow.”

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